It’s obvious that these two guys from Italy have worn out copies of the earliest BLACK LIPS albums, but a careful listen reveals much unique weirdness that makes the Dirtiest stand out. There’s a lot going on — blown out guitar string drag, gatling gun drums, stomping hand-claps all funneled into a wind tunnel, with a weird air horn blaring from above, and vocals howling from below.  Together with some surprising twists & turns & breaks, the DIRTIEST have crafted a truly slovenly sound.


The Dirtiest is an Italian garage punk trio formed in 2015

In less then a year they were noticed by the legendary north American label SLOVENLY recording which released their debut vinyl  “Alarm”.

Straight after KAT records from Netherland  released the 4 outtake songs on cassette.

In a couple of years the Dirtiest already played several shows in Europe (France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Czech republic, Switzerland) and shared the stage with Death (Detroit), Demon’s Claws (Canada), the Spits (USA), the Clinic (UK), Third Sound (Island),  Bazooka (Greece), Las Aspirators (Spa), Plutonium baby, Chronics, Magnetic, the Anomalys, the Rippers and many more.

Line up:

  • Billy Boy – Guitars / Vocals
  • Nacker – Drums / Vocals
  • Trash – Bass – Backing vocals


  • 7″ vinyl – SLOVENLY recording (feb 2016)
  • Cassette ep – KAT Records (Jan 2016)

International Festivals

  • We are loud festiva 2016 – Athens – Greece
  • Barreiro Rocks 2016 – Lisbon – Portugal
  • Chee Chak Festival 2016 – Ostrava – Czech Republic
  • Soundhalde Festival 2016 – Jessetsen – Germany
  • Spring Rumble Party 2016 – Siena – Ital